1. LTHR 구하기

LTHR 를 결정하기 위해서는 평균 심박수를 아래 표에 나와 있는 적절한 수치로 나누면 됩니다.

Estimating Lactate Threshold Heart Rate From A Time Trial

Distance                As race         As workout
5km                       1.10                    1.04    
10km                     1.07                    1.02
8~10mi                  1.05                    1.01
40km                     1.00                    0.97    

 예를 들어  Average HR = 160
                Distance = 10km
                운동형태 =  workout 이면,

 LTHR은 다음과 같이 계산 됩니다.

                 160/1.02 =156 (LTHR)

송강클리테리움 돌기

정확한 데이타는 아니지만 젖산역치를 산출할만한 데이터는 이것밖에 없어서 예를 들기 위해 계산해 봅니다.

17.78km = 11마일
평균 심박수 = 178
운동강도 = 레이스

LTHR = 178/1.05 = 169.5

정확한 젖산역치를 알기 위해 40km를 혼자서 달려봐야겠습니다 ^^

2. 젖산역치(LTHR)

Zone 1. LTHR 75% 이하: 회복주행
Zone 2. LTHR 75~85% : 하위 유산소심박수대
Zone 3. LTHR 85~90%: 상위 유산소심박수대
Zone 4. LTHR 95~100%: 젓산역치 바로 밑 심박수대
Zone 5. LTHR 100~105%: 젓산역치 바로 위 심박수대

Zone 1: 65% to 81% Recovery
Zone 2: 82% to 88% Aerobic
Zone 3: 89% to 93% Tempo
Zone 4: 94% to 100% Subthreshold
Zone 5a: 101% to 102% Superthreshold
Zone 5b: 103% to 105% Aerobic capacity

Zone 1: Recovery
Also known as: Overdistance
Intensity: Very Low
% Lactate Threshold: 65%-84%
% VO2 Max: 55%-65%
% Max Heart Rate: 60%-70%
RPE Scale: 6-9

Used for: These are the easiest workouts, used to promote recovery after harder workouts. It is also generally the intensity level used during the recovery period of interval work and long slow distance (LSD) runs.
Zone 2: Endurance
Also known as: Extensive Endurance
Intensity: Moderate
% Lactate Threshold: 85%-91%
% VO2 Max: 66%-75%
% Max Heart Rate: 71%-75%
RPE Scale: 10-12

Used for: Used for long, endurance workouts and easy speed workout; builds and maintains aerobic endurance.
Zone 3: Lactate Threshold
Also known as: Intensive Endurance
Intensity: Moderate Plus
% Lactate Threshold: 92%-95%
% VO2 Max: 76%-80%
% Max Heart Rate: 76%-80%
RPE Scale: 13-14

Used for: Used for Tempo workouts, training in Zone 3 is usually done in the preparation and base phases. Generally, in the later phases you want to bump up to Zone 4.
Zone 4: VO2 Max Intervals
Also known as: Anaerobic Threshold, Race/Pace
Intensity: Race/Pace
% Lactate Threshold: 96%-100%
% VO2 Max: 81%-90%
% Max Heart Rate: 81%-90%
RPE Scale: 15-16

Used for: Intervals, hill work, and tempo work. Intervals in this zone generally have work-to-rest ratio of 3:1 or 4:1. Training at or slightly below your Lactate Threshold (a.k.a. Anaerobic Threshold) helps your body lean to "recycle" the lactic acid during high intensity work.
Zone 5a: Threshold Endurance
Also known as: Superthreshold
% Lactate Threshold: 100%-102%
% VO2 Max: 91%-93%
% Max Heart Rate: 91%-93%
RPE Scale: 17

Used for: Intervals, hill work, and tempo work; typically used after some Zone 4 time has already been done. Zone 5 workouts are very short because it is difficult to maintain this level for any length of time.
Zone 5b: Anaerobic Endurance
Also known as: Speed Endurance
% Lactate Threshold: 103%-105%
% VO2 Max: 94%-98%
% Max Heart Rate: 94%-98%
RPE Scale: 18-19

Used for: Intervals and hill work to improve anaerobic endurance. Intervals in this zone generally have work-to-rest ratio of 1:1, for example, a 20 second sprint followed by 20 seconds of easy recovery (Zone 1).
Zone 5c: Anaerobic Capacity
Also known as: Power
% Lactate Threshold: 106%+
% VO2 Max: 98%-100%
% Max Heart Rate: 98%-100%
RPE Scale: 20

Used for: Short-term Sprinting. Intervals in this zone have a work to rest ratio of 1:2 or more.

출처 http://www.3-fitness.com/tarticles/zones.htm

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