PMC에서 사용하는 TSB와 TSS 수치의 의미?

  • TSB < -70: guarantees I’ll need a significant recovery period shortly after, often achieving TSBs as high as 50.
  • TSB -70 – -50: has less impact on recovery in the short term, but longer periods likely require similar recovery to TSBs below -70.
  • TSB -30 – 0: is typical of a good training block, recovery will be needed at points, but nothing of significant impact.
  • TSB 0 – 10: gives more chance of a surprising performance in training. It’s a good place to be for challenging sessions or training races.
  • TSB > 10: has generally worked well for races. Too high and whilst freshness makes me feel good, lost fitness will impact performance.

  • TSS > 1500: requires recovery in the following weeks, TSB is likely to have heavily dipped.
  • TSS 900 – 1200: is sustainable as part of a serious build. A month in this region followed by a taper leads to a good race.
  • TSS 700 – 1000: is manageable all year round on a sensible schedule, this is where the bulk of a longer build lies.
  • TSS 400 – 700: an easier week during a build or a decent week back from a recovery period.
  • TSS < 400: an easy week, casual sessions during recovery periods.

  • CTL around 110 – 120 is a good level to race at.
  • TSB below -50 should be avoided except on training camps.
  • The majority of my build should work towards a weekly TSS cap of 1000
  • The final month of race preparation should raise the cap to around 1200
  • Composition of power training should increase emphasis on Threshold and Tempo at a reduced volume.
  • Growth in CTL should be kept gradual over the six months to avoid spikes in fatigue and potential impact on consistency

  • 출처

    • <0.75 level 1 recovery rides
    • 0.75-0.85 level 2 endurance training sessions
    • 0.85-0.95 level 3 tempo rides, various aerobic and anaerobic interval workouts (work and rest periods combined), longer (>2.5 h) road races
    • 0.95-1.05 level 4 intervals (work period only), shorter (<2.5 h) road races, criteriums, circuit races, 40k TT (by definition)
    • 1.05-1.15 shorter (e.g., 15 km) TT, track points race
    • >1.15 level 5 intervals (work period only), prologue TT, track pursuit, track miss-and-out


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